Energy Stoarge is the Future

“The energy storage industry should play a proactive role in supporting market development in Southeast Asia, a panel discussion at the Solar and Storage Finance Asia event heard this week, from Aquila Capital regional CEO Alexander Lenz. We speak exclusively with Yaron Ben Nun, CTO and founder of Nostromo, a startup aiming to commercialise a new ice-based energy storage for cooling buildings and Yaron is adamant that it can turn electricity demand for commercial buildings into a powerful tool of the energy transition. US independent power producer Talen Energy has hired developer Key Capture Energy to work on a battery project at one of its coal power plant sites in Maryland, as Talen pursues its new ESG-driven path. Koch Industries, another name more commonly associated with fossil fuels, has invested in zinc-based energy storage company Eos, through its Koch Strategic Platforms investment vehicle. The UK’s Flexion Energy has gained a US$200m+ investment commitment from an infrastructure investment group as it targets development of a 1GW battery storage portfolio and in South Australia, developers Maoneng and SAPGen are seeking permission to construct 465MW of large-scale battery storage, solar-plus-storage projects behind-the-meter and in front-of-the-meter make progress in Hawaii. Finally we round up some news about investors acquiring three US solar and storage developers, which could be a sign of things to come. Don’t forget the APAC region edition of our sponsored webinar series with Honeywell takes place next week (14 July) and you can still sign up by clicking the banner ad above. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy using the site.”

By Andy Colthorpe

Hi-MO 4m (66C) module

LONGi, the world leading solar technology company, has formally launched its Hi-MO 4m (66C) module, designed for distributed generation (DG) applications.

In addition to the 66C option, the company has also launched 60C and 72C versions of the module to an audience of more than 600 dealer partners and industry experts. The three products cover power ranges of 370-385W, 410-420W and 450-460W respectively, with a maximum efficiency of up to 21%, providing global DG clients with wider flexibility and choice.

At the launch event, Dennis She, LONGi Solar’s SVP commented: “LONGi will continue to increase R&D investment in technological innovation and expand the production capacity of our DG solar products to 10GW in 2021. The global residential rooftop market has specific requirements in terms of product performance and aesthetics and, in addition to providing high-quality solar products, LONGi is committed to providing our global DG clients with comprehensive energy service solutions.”

After years of steady growth, the global DG market has increased rapidly, accompanied by the emergence of diverse and targeted client demand. The Hi-MO 4m series modules are ultra-high-value products tailored exclusively by LONGi for the different needs of distributed clients and can be widely used on rooftops in residential, industrial, and commercial applications.

Source : By LONGi

April 26, 2021


Era of Energy Storage

“Volkswagen recently placed an order worth US$14 billion with lithium-ion battery manufacturer Northvolt, taking their existing partnership to new heights and while the obvious focus there is electric vehicle batteries, we’ve heard exclusively from Northvolt’s VP of communications Jesper Wigardt that the deal will also have a significant knock-on impact for the startup’s targeting of the stationary energy storage market. South Africa’s government identified an urgent need for capacity to prevent load shedding on its grid and renewables-plus-storage projects have been among the winners in a tender for 2GW of contracts. Consultants Clean Horizon and Harmattan helped us out with some insights there. In Germany, more than 300,000 residential energy storage systems have now been installed, and while energy storage at larger scales has been somewhat less successful over the past year or so, every segment is expected to grow this year, a new report commissioned by Germany energy storage association BVES has found. New York City’s 6GW of fossil fuel peaker plants could be retired quickly and cost-effectively between now and 2030 using a combination of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and of course, energy storage. There’s also a roundup of some of the latest news stories from the residential energy storage segment around the world, Canadian Solar has big ambitions in solar-plus-storage and standalone energy storage for 2021 and just a month after applying for approval for a large solar-plus-storage plant, two Wisconsin utilities have put forward a plan for another. All this and much more on the site. Thanks for reading and subscribing.”

Andy Colthorpe
Editor Energy Storage News

Lithium Titanate can be the best Option for Storage

  1. LTO (Li2TiO3) is innovative, latest and certified.
  2. Long lasting up to 30+ years life.
  3. Quick chargeable (saving energy and time and both are costly).
  4. Patented, High Efficiency LTO Battery Technology.
  5. Non-Explosive, Fireproof.
  6. Performance in a wide temperature range of -30 to 60 Deg. Centigrade
  7. Fast charge capabilities.
  8. Warranty of 5 years.
  9. 30 Years’ service life.
  10. World renowned clients such as Bombardier, Ford, BAE Systems, China State Grid Corporation etc.
  11. This can be the viable Eenergy storage solution for sub-zero conditions

Source : ECO ESS Catalogue 2021