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The Vehicle employs a state-of-the-art intelligent drive assist safety system 

Eco buses


Eco Ess Energy Running Horse e-Bus, Taking the shape of a running horse, embodies the combination of speed, strength and dynamics. it could be used in public transportation such as city loops, expressways, main roads or intercity routes.

  • Guarding Safety
  • 360 Panoramic view system
  • Driver fatigue monitor system
  • Lane departure and front collision warning system
  • safe energy-conserving system
  • Moter Power 245Kw
  • Battery Type LFP

Bionic Design Galloping Experience

The appearance of the bus adopts a bionic horse design that manifests power and force, delivering a visual aesthetic from the union of strength and speed. The vehicle adopts one-step boarding for easy access. It’s also installed with special foldable seats for the disabled and USB sockets, offering humanized and convenient service for passengers.

Dragon-eye headlights design

The fiery headlights embody the “dazzling pearl” concept, making the bus all the more attractive.

Flip ramp for wheelchair access

A manually controlled flip ramp is installed for passage of wheelchairs,which greatly increases accessibility for inconvenient passengers

Horsetail rear lamp design

The rear lamps adopt horsetail shape design, which add to the dynamics of the bus.

Onboard USB sockets

Onboard USB sockets

USB sockets for charging mobile phones, tablet computers and other portable digital devices, which is convenient and solves any battery crisis en-route.

Guarding safety ECO ESS takes the lead

The vehicle employs a state-of-the-art intelligent drive assist safety system and devices and multiple electronic safety technologies to achieve informatization management of the vehicle data. Combined with standard safety equipment, these technologies can guarantee passenger and driver safety at all fronts

ECO Submark

Renewable Energy Storage System

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