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ECO ESS e-Coach

The Vehicle employs a state-of-the-art intelligent drive assist safety system 

Eo Ess e-bus


ECO ESS Electric 12m Tour Coach is a luxurious commercial passenger coach that features elegance, intelligence and high efficiency. It’s suitable for short-distance commuting routes, tour bus routes, or other fixed routes.

  • Structure Safty 
  • Battery Safty 
  • Fire Prevention
  • Driving safety 
  • Strong power-efficient operation
  • Total Power capacity 350.1 kWh
  • Battery Type LFP

Providing Comfort all The Way

The vehicle is equipped with USB sockets, high-back soft-covering seats, a touch switch reading lamp, a first aid kit, etc., which greatly improve comfort and convenience for passengers.

USB socket

Passengers can charge their mobile phone or tablet computer at any time, which is convenient to use and meets any urgent needs.

High-back soft-covering seat

Adjustable seat back to relief fatigue from long-hour ride.

Touch switch reading lamp

Touch switch reading lamp offers comfortable and convenient ride experience.

First aid kit

Onboard first aid kit for crew members or passengers in the case of emergency.

Advanced Technologies To Ensure Safety

The vehicle body adopts a full-bearing closed ring structure and is installed with an intelligent battery management system (BMS), on-board smoke detecting alarm system, lane departure and collision warning system, etc., and also equipped with safety devices such as emergency escape window, fire-extinguisher, emergency hammer, anti-collision beam and front & back door emergency switch, guarding passenger safety and providing convenience.

ECO Submark

Renewable Energy Storage System

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