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About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.


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CEO Message

Our market strategy over the past year was to position the company for growth by selling products directly and through distribution channels. Management also focused on consolidating the business operations and identifying global Green Technology partners and integrators to prepare for expected growth in 2021. We strengthened our suppliers, trained our people, developed strategic partners, and built up our sales pipeline which typically requires a 12 – 18 months cycle. Our value proposition is closely aligned with biomass energy producers and we are also working to become more than just a value-added supplier of equipment.  We see real value in these types of applications as it creates more of a recurring revenue stream. Households, Commercial and industrial clients are our partner in spreading economical energy and reducing CO2 emissions with substantial cost-effective Energy Storage Solution. As a result, we are identifying large and scalable opportunities in this area, including licensing agreements and potential mergers and acquisitions. 

 Aazib Khan


We are committed to utilize and sustain green energy sources to play our role for the global cause of CO2 emission-free world


Lead the world in employing innovative energy and engineering solutions to sustainably manage the Earth’s resources and to meet society’s needs.

ECO ESS LTD's Manufacturing site

Welcome to ECO ESS LTD’s state-of-the-art manufacturing site in China,  Tianjin Pulan Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Backed by over 50 patents in graphene-based material applications, Plannano has enabled us to build and produce innovative products like graphene, LTO, Si/C materials, super capacitor cells (0.1F to 3000F), and LTO battery cells/modules (20Ah to 500Ah). Our solutions find diverse applications in new-energy vehicles, rail transportation, smart grid, military, and more. Committed to client satisfaction, we prioritize credibility and integrity in all our endeavors. Join us in revolutionizing energy storage for a sustainable future.

ECO ESS LTD's state-of-the-art manufacturing site

Our story

ECO ESS offers highly efficient Energy Storage Solution (ESS) in the UK, EU, African markets and in surroundings which would contribute substantial value to the economy and society. Our Multi-Megawatt containerised solutions are 15/25-year systems and priced to beat all.

The ideal solution for ALL renewable energy projects of a storage nature. WE ALSO TAILOR SOLUTIONS TO SUIT YOUR SCHEME.ECO ESS has identified the potential for fast-moving products which should lead to saving energy, reduce electricity bills/cost, and CO2 emission and pull towards mass job creations and growth into the national and international markets.

ECO ESS would supply and provide a complete support package to their potential partners and keep a presence on-line and off-line through various distribution models for a B2B business, with the aim of achieving quicker growth.

We support our customers on their individual journeys toward decarbonization with customized needs of their ESS. We push the transition to a more sustainable energy world. Our products, solutions, and services cover nearly the entire energy value chain. We have Know-how, innovative technologies. We turn ideas into reality. From R&D to designing, from manufacturing to deliveries, from installation to warranty are ECO ESS prime tasks – you feel free and relax by assigning us your job which would be in technical and innovative hands i.e., ECO ESS Ltd UK

environmental transition
“One of the greatest challenges humanity must face in the upcoming years is to produce sufficient sustainable energy to support economic growth and to help to lift millions of people out of poverty. Operating excellence and technology innovation are the key factors for winning this challenge” 
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