Ultra-Powerful 48V200Ah Rack-Mounted LiFePO4 Battery Pack

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Unlock unparalleled energy storage capabilities with our Ultra-Powerful 48V200Ah Rack-Mounted LiFePO4 Battery Pack. This powerhouse battery pack offers exceptional power output, Grade A cell quality, and a space-efficient design. With balanced weight distribution and reliable aviation plugs, it simplifies installation and usage. Its remarkable cycle life ensures consistent, dependable performance for your critical applications. Elevate your energy storage solutions today with this cutting-edge technology.

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Introducing the Ultra-Powerful 48V200Ah Rack-Mounted LiFePO4 Battery Pack, setting a new standard in energy storage. This Model: 48V200Ah battery pack is designed to meet and exceed your most demanding energy needs with unmatched reliability and efficiency.

Key Benefits:

  1. Exceptional Power: With a Max. Continuous discharge current of 100A, this LiFePO4 battery pack delivers an outstanding and steady power supply, making it the ideal choice for high-demand applications.
  2. Grade A Precision: Crafted with Grade A cells, this battery pack ensures the highest quality and durability. It’s engineered to withstand heavy usage, providing long-lasting power for your projects.
  3. Space-Efficient Design: The compact dimensions of 483x550x222mm (LxWxH) allow for easy integration into your existing setup while optimizing space utilization without compromising performance.
  4. Optimal Weight Distribution: Weighing 73kg, this battery pack is designed with balanced weight distribution, simplifying handling and installation, and reducing setup hassles.
  5. Dependable Aviation Plugs: Equipped with aviation plugs, this battery pack ensures secure and reliable connections for all your power requirements, minimizing the risk of disruptions in your operations.
  6. Impressive Cycle Life: With a cycle life of 6000 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD), you can rely on this battery pack to endure frequent charge and discharge cycles, ensuring consistent, dependable performance over time.

Additional Information:

  • Pallet/Qty(pcs) 1.2*0.8m: 8
  • 1X20 ft GP Qty (pcs): 160